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When I started off last month with the first issue, I went in with the intention of making it a magazine for high schoolers by high schoolers. However, over the past month,  I have been asked by some very talented and accomplished people who were interested in being a part of this movement. I have also reached out to some experts to get their opinion and thoughts to compile this magazine. The only consideration driving the subject of the articles is its interest to the larger high school community (though I know from the comments that it has reached a much wider audience, including University students and pre-high school students).

Though I am reaching out to a wider audience, with diverse interests, across a variety of locations, I am committed to upholding TDSBs standard code of online conduct , and the guidance on unacceptable sites and material, both in word and principles.

There have also been comments on the range of topics, quality, as well as the process of writing. My direction is to research topics (thank you, google) which may be of interest, discuss it with experts, and put it on paper, considering the target audience. In the end, writing articles is about appealing to the interests of you, the reader. My aim when publishing is not  an A or an A+ , but more so a B+, or specifically a ‘Be Positive’, which is the attitude we need to have to work through an article that may not be perfect.

So if you are someone who is an expert, feels passionately about a topic, or just wants to join in on the fun,  CNXN is the right place to pen it in. We will provide editorial, as well as expert support, to help you. Whether you’re publishing your first piece or your 76th, your writing will be read, but most importantly valued by a larger audience (10,000 students and growing!)

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